Agent OWL: Meeting the Shadow 


Agent OWL: Meeting the Shadow is the first novel by Shilly Nakedmoon, a conscious erotica vampire mystery packed with dark fantasy illustrations by the author. In the campaign ‘Have your cake and get eaten out too’, the author makes a promise that the profits from the first 100 copies sold will be donated to Beat, the UK’s eating disorder charity. Miss Nakedmoon has experienced Anorexia in her teenage years and is very passionate about supporting this cause.


“Silent as cherry blossom snow. I observe the fragments of my soul swirling into the abyss of my espresso. A coffee shop in Kyoto.”


This is the story of Luna, a young woman facing an identity crisis who follows her destiny's calling to Japan. The book follows her on a journey of spiritual development that draws us deep into the underworld. Luna gets a job as hostess and erotic dancer in a Tokyo club, where she becomes intimately entangled with the Japanese mafia, the Yakuza. Head hunted by otherworldly beings, she is trained in the esoteric arts to become a secret agent vampire hunter. In a tale blending the occult, dreams, power, possession, sexuality and the divine, Luna meets her own inner shadow and is faced with the challenge of integrating her darker side. She must find a way to heal the split between sexuality and spirituality within herself for the sake of all life on planet earth.

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