Miss Nakedmoon is interested in exploring performance as ritual and bringing spirit into form through the body. She has performed burlesque internationally, from the Edinburgh Fringe Festival to the ancient Geisha District in Kyoto, Japan. Whilst living in Japan for two years, she studied Butoh dance, or 'dance of darkness'. She has studied Tribal Fusion Belly Dance for 8 years and also studies at the school of Movement Medicine in Devon, a conscious, shamanic dance practice. She has choreographed and directed two original dance videos, exploring shamanic and archetypal themes. She makes all her own costumes using sustainably sourced materials. In 'Dark Night of the Sowl', she connects with the spirit of the Owl, wearing a costume she created using ethically sourced feathers. She hand-carved the wooded headpiece and threaded the Ostrich feather fans herself using naturally shed feathers.

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Ziegfeld Follies dancer Marion Brenda, c
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