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Gold lust at smugglers cove: An Erotic Pirate Romance

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Modelling by Shilly Nakedmoon, Photography by Jada Slutzky

Photography by Jada Slutzky, Modelling by the author Shilly Nakedmoon

Shilly Nakedmoon is the author of the Erotic Vampire Romance Novel Agent OWL: Meeting the Shadow an urban fantasy & paranormal romance set in Japan, featuring dark fantasy illustrations by the author. Buy your copy on amazon now!

You can listen to the author read this short story aloud through the youtube video link below, or feel free to be old school and read the post here! The video is part of Shilly's weekly Kinki Ink Erotic Storytelling videos, so if you enjoy this one, please subscribe to her Youtube channel.

The Mer-lady of smugglers Tavern inspects me from behind the bar with a curious demeanour. Her ultramarine eyes glitter and glint like the ocean, creating the illusion that she is winking at me. A single amber ringlet of hair has teased itself free from her up-do, and frames her rosy cheeks. She leans her stocky upper arms on the bar.

“What’ll be miss?”

Her voice is deep and gravelly.

“Make it a glass of red and a single room for the night”

Smiling demurely with damson lips, I draw back the hood of my velvet azure cloak that is jewelled with a light spray of rain. I toss my long, dark, treacle, tresses, so they fall in a rippling waterfall to reach my lap.

“The names Snatcher” I perch at the bar, swinging my lace-up boots and enjoying the warmth of the log burner that radiates from a corner of the cave like room.

Taking a sip of the dark red liquid, my body melts. I close my eyes and remember summer nights making love under a lapiz lazuli sky, ablaze with shooting stars and dragon tails. The clink of glasses brings me back to the room.

I swirl my wine glass, nonchalantly inhaling the floral and tobacco notes. The Mer-Lady recognises me as a stranger to these lands and tells me tales of the mysteries and legends of Smugglers Cove. She speaks of giant squid that have gobbled up whole ships, and the plight of witches who were defiant in their ways. She weaves her stories with a certain mystique, almost bewitched by the characters that live through her. Her eyes become dark and beady, her breasts threatening to spill like breaking waves over the lace frills of her corset. She whispers to me across the bar in undertones about the mysterious men who visit from yonder shores.

“Pirates they be” says she.

“T’was a time when I was in love with a Pirate by the name of Thunder Bolt Blue…”

Momentarily, her eyes glaze over in a dreamy haze, before her eyes light up and her hands are animated by an electric energy.

“He was unrattled by the deadest of ends. Living by the moon and it’s tides, happiest with company and rum.”

A smile plays at her lips, reliving the romance. Her words begin to lace together into a poetic flow.

“He was unruly with fire in his eyes,

Adorer of women like pearls,

A fine lover by candlelight,

A free adventurer,

With loyal heart and gentle hands.”

Her eyes close and she touches my hand softly with a sadness in her heart.

“He found his treasure in me.

I became the ocean in which he sailed and the moon that illuminated his path.

I was the bliss he dreamt of and the love he never imagined possible.

I was his mermaid and he was my pirate.”

She lifts her head, gazing into my eyes searchingly. Then all of a sudden, she turns her back to me. A wicked cackle rings out and with hips wide as the stern of a ship, she continues to command the Inn with her buxom presence.

The pints flow and punters guzzle, beards wet with froth and salt spray. A band began to play in a corner, complete with harp, flute and fiddle. In response to the music, the room starts to bounce and sway in joyous celebration. Sweat and musty odours rise up from the pounded floor. Cobwebs vibrate in the corners of the throbbing cave and fists drum the knarly wood tables. Everyone’s feet are tapping, and a bear of a man whirls me onto the dance floor. His strong arms glide me through the throng, my heart dances to the jig. For a period of time, I am lost to the music. I feel bodies brush past me and hear the roar of men. A couple kiss excitedly as they whirl together dervishly in the centre of the crowd. The man grabs the woman’s hips and lifts her up above the crowd, then she squeals as her skirt rides up, revealing her naked moon.

The bell for last orders at the bar is rung. Flushed, I prop myself on a bar stool, my chest rising and falling as I catch my breath. The band is packing up and the punters are dispersing. Time for bed, I think.

The Mer-lady shows me to my room for the night. As she turns to leave, she fiddles with the rusty keys on the chain around her waist.

“Oh lassy…. Close your window won’t you. Tis’ full moon tonight and it’s been known for the scent of pirates to carry young women on the winds to never return.”

#Artnudemodel #artnudephotography #beachnude #creativenude #lifemodel #naturenude
Photography by Jada SLutzky, Modelling by Shilly Nakedmoon

In bed that night, I dream of the sensation of water lapping at my things, trickling over the contours of my body. It’s cool against my nipples and I feel faint tingles between my legs. Sea gulls cry out and boat masts creak in the darkness.

I awaken all of a sudden, my night gown wet with beads of sweat. A luminous light creeps across the shadows of my bed clothes, touching my fingers with its creamy milk. Through the window, the full moon in all its glory hangs suspended in the liquid obsidian sky. I feel a strange longing arise in my heart, a growing temptation possesses my sweet flower. As if called by the moon, I float towards the window and gasp in wonderment as I behold the mysterious sight before me.

Framed on either side by ragged cliffs and hovering amidst a starry pool of darkness, I see the shimmering silhouette of a majestic yacht. Silently it seems to wait for me with billowing sails. Without a moment’s hesitation, I slip into my silk robe and slink downstairs through the deserted bar, silent as a mouse. I step outside, bathed under the silver moonlight and the gentle breeze strokes my hair with pale fingers. I breathe in the fresh salty air and throw my head back to the clear night sky. I move through this unfamiliar port town like a ghost. Finally, the beach appears before me, a silver desert stretching down to a black mirror. I pad onto the cool sand with bare feet and stride boldly into the water. As the water rises my night dress sticks to my thighs. I look down to see my belly button clinging to my dress and tufts of brown hair between my legs move with the water like strands of seaweed. My nipples protrude in their pinkness, hardened by the cool water. I pause to listen, the only sound is the lapping of waves on the shore. Keeping my mind focused on the ship ahead, I begin to swim in a breaststroke. The waters are calm and cloak me in their dark invisibility. My cream robe trails behind me in a silky swirl, rippling with tiny fairy-like stars. I wonder if the stars are looking down with curiosity, seeing a reflection of the milky way in the velvety black waters below. Half-way there, my raven black hair is slicked back, glistening with moisture. As I get closer, I notice the dark line of a rope dropping into the ocean that must be the anchor. All is quiet on deck, just the occasional creaking of the mast and the dark planking glinting in the moonlight. As I float in the water, a gust of wind brings life to the sails and they flutter momentarily.

I grab the rope tightly and pull myself towards the yacht, shimmying myself along, like a pearly oyster rising from the deep. I find myself directly face to face with a port hole and I peer through the glass to inside the cabin, recognising the shape of a sleeping pirate, a bottle of rum hanging from one hand over the side of the bed.

“Sweet dreams you dirty rascal” I whisper, blowing him a kiss before using all my upper body strength to haul myself over the edge of the deck. I crawl like a snow leopard on all fours, my white robe leaving a glistening snail trail behind me and my pale white skin glowing silver. I taste the saltwater on my lips with the edge of my tongue and a feline stealth travels down my limbs. Shadows pass over the deck and the sails flap gently. Although the wind has died, I hear it whispering the ancient lore of the ocean. The boat is alive with an inner knowing and I sense that she is aware of my arrival.

#Artnudemodel #artnudephotography #beachnude #creativenude #lifemodel #naturenude
Photography by Jada Slutzky, Modelling by Shilly Nakedmoon

A sudden knock stops me in my tracks. I whip around to see my gown has flipped over a bucket behind me that is lolling aimlessly across the deck. I replace the bucket and pause, my heart pounding. I clasp my necklace to my heart, a rare black pearl cradled in a rose gold shell, handed down to me by my grandmother when I was a child. She raised me and my brother from a young age, after my drunken father perished on a fishing voyage and my mother died soon after of a broken heart. She was a wise old witch who taught us about how to use plants for medicine, how to speak to the wind, make friends with the birds and live in tune with the cycles of the moon. I invoked my grandmothers wizened words, “Pearl, my precious child, be like the ocean, untameable and uncompromising in your wildness. You were born from the tears of the moon. You wax and wane with the waves of life. Only offer the treasure in your heart to the finest of men, and never, ever, trust a pirate.”

With a yearning for reunion in my heart, I remembered the lost pearl necklace that belonged to my father, swallowed up by the ocean when he died.

I opened my eyes and noticed a sky light left slightly ajar in the mahogany flooring to my right. I open the window, sliding my wet body gracefully through the tight hole. My bare feet touch the floor below me and I crouch, lithe as a panther. My eyes adjust to the dim light to see silver rays beaming through the sky light illuminating the cabin around me. A pirate slumbers on the white linen bed, silk curtains draped above him. He is fully clothed and his boots protrude off the edge of the bed, legs splayed out before me. I watch the rise and fall of his chest and heard him murmur in his sleep.

“Star light… dust… catch it! Quick Capt’n!”

He flings his arm across his chest, and I lunge forward to catch the rum bottle as it falls from his hand.

“Sails in laddie, we’re in for a dirty night” he snorts, before resuming a vigorous purring.

I take a swig of the rum and let the warmth of the vanilla trickle down my throat. Reassured by his deep breathing, I continue with my mission by surveying the room and probing into the shadows with my keen owl eyes. A mirror sparkles above a grand oak chest of drawers and I slink over, the swish of my damp robe following the pitter patter of my naked feet. I riffle through a few drawers of garments until my hands came across what they are looking for. A small compartment is tucked away inside the top draw. I slide off the lid and my eyes widen with glee. Gemstones of all the colours of the rainbow wink at me, woven together by gold chains like serpentine dragons guarding their treasure. The room lights up with a golden feverish glow, then my heart skips a beat. I see it, the lost pearl of legend. It’s milky skin emits a violet iridescence that is simply unmistakeable. I close my eyes and allow my fingertips to explore the contours of the silky gem, I feel the delicate silver lips of the shell cloaking the precious jewel. As expected, it is an identical match to mine, only this one a white pearl. Like yin and yang they are to each other. The longing of a lifetime explodes from my heart in the purest white light and I shed a silent tear. I clutch the stolen white pearl necklace to my heart, reunited with its soul mate, the black pearl.

And then I smell him, close to me. A pungent scent of leather boots, marinaded in rum with a dash of spice. In a swift movement, he grasps my wrists and pins them behind me, pressing his body against me from behind. Trembling, I see the burning coals of his eyes reflected in the mirror, smoking with revenge.

“Miss Snatcher!” he ejaculates my name, spraying my neck with hot spittle.

“Or shall I call you Pearl? We are on first name terms, aren’t we? Nice evening for a skinny dip and a treasure hunt” he growls into my ear. With a snarl he bites the strap of my nightgown, tearing it off my shoulder, so a peachy nipple appears in the mirror. I feel an electric pulse run through me as he sways in his semi-intoxicated state. His bronzed bare chest glows in the mirror and his long chestnut locks fall in knotted waves over my shoulders. With a swish he pulls my robe tie loose, and in a drift of snowflakes it falls to the floor. Revealed in my innocence and aware of his shadowy presence behind me, I glimpse for a moment in the mirror a white unicorn and the horned god pan behind me. Aware that he has released my wrists, I remain rooted to the spot awaiting his touch with a wild anticipation. He runs his ship-worn hands up the sides of my dress to caress the soft, white, lustrous orbs of my breasts. My breath quickens and my neck tilts back to expose the delicate skin veiling my jugular. My heart flutters, yearning for his ravishment.

His butterfly lips dance along my collar bone, and his fingers trace the contours of my heart space, reaching my black pearl necklace. Playing trickster, he unites the twin pearl necklaces together at my heart, simultaneously meeting my eyes in the mirror.

“I thought you had long forgotten your heirloom Miss Pearl. What a delightful surprise to find you here in my cabin, already wet…”

He nimbly slips my black pearl necklace around his neck with his left hand, while running the white pearl up my inner thigh in his right, barely tickling the hair on my mound.

A shudder runs up my spine and I became aware that my nipples are erect, I wonder if the wet between my legs is just salt water ….. He draws my hair to one side as he fixes the white pearl necklace around my neck. Clearly satisfied with his trickery of switching the necklaces, he retrieves his bottle of rum from the chest of drawers and swigs it behind me, always keeping his smouldering eyes on mine. Staggering backwards, he plonks himself on the bed with legs splayed and boots untied.

“I’ll be needing that back Goldtooth Jake”

I turn towards him and steady myself by recalling my mission, an ancient one handed down over generations.

“That pearl belongs in my family, the twin necklaces are connected and cannot live without each other. It only brings disharmony to keep them separated.”

He gazes at me for a long moment, almost sympathetically, before letting out a long peal of laughter.

“Well, come and get it then”

He leans back on his forearms, leisurely taking another mouthful of rum and then starts to sing under his breath. I breathe deeply into my pussy, summoning my power.

“Challenge accepted” I state fiercely, standing my ground. I stalk over to the edge of the bed, demurely wedging my legs between his. A magnetic vortex draws me towards his golden chest. As I bend forward, salty crystals fall from my hair, creating a trail of diamonds from his belly button up to his chin. His white shirt lies untied at the front, leaving his sun kissed skin tantalisingly exposed. I imagine sliding our naked bodies together, intertwined in an intergalactic ecstasy. My fingertips gently remove the bottle of rum from his hand, pouring a trickle of the spicy sweet nectar onto his chest. Lunging forward ferociously, I use my tongue to savour the honey coloured liquid dribbling in a spiralling river towards his belly button. My mouth skims perilously close to the black pearl, and I raise my eyes to catch a glimpse of his face. His lips are slightly parted, and his face exudes peacefulness, as if his astral body is suspended in a sea of luminescence. I prod his chest with my index finger outstretched, and as if spellbound, he lies back on the mattress. I lift my knees onto the bed, so I’m kneeling over him. Through the slits of his eyes he gazes up at me, and I feel a liquid inferno ignite in my pelvis. Licking at my spine, it sends shivers up my back. A peculiar wave of emotion rushes through me, a yearning to surrender to the ocean of his arms. A current of energy activates me from my core, sending a wave washing through my sacred passage. The vessel of my body is filled with a desire to merge our bodies and souls as one. I run my hands over his chest, and he allows me to finger the coal black pearl cradled in the valley of his heart. Breathing me in, he runs his rough hands up the back of my thighs and tickles the area between my pussy and my buttocks, I mew softly and rock my pelvis in response. Dangerously close to abandoning my quest altogether, my hand wanders over his belt buckle and heads south, where I discover to my delight that he is hard already. I image him writhing inside of me and playfully I kiss him through his trousers. I glide my breasts up the front of his body and press my belly against his. I cast my dress off my shoulders, and he peels it over my head. Holding my eye gaze, his fingers continue to explore me from behind. As he reaches the sensitive areas on the outside of my flower, with one hand he reaches around to massage my breasts. I feel my body melting and in a swift movement he rolls me onto my back, so now he is leaning over me. He kisses me on the lips strongly and I wrap my legs and arms around him, running my hands through his long locks and clawing at his back. I know that I’m lost to him now, there’s no coming back from this messy wet oblivion. He can have his way with me now, and this turns me on even more.

#Artnudemodel #artnudephotography #beachnude #creativenude #lifemodel #naturenude
Photography by Jada Slutzky, Modelling by Shilly Nakedmoon

He weighs my wrists down on either side of my face, and I feel the whispers of his tongue tracing my nipples. My pelvis elevates off the bed, moaning for him to come closer. He follows my call down my body to kiss my flower through my night dress. He disappears between my legs, like a bee to pollen he approaches the hive. I feel subtle vibrations in my clitoris, as his wet lips and tongue run over the surfaces around the entrance to my temple. I cannot stand the temptation any longer, and I will him to insert a finger. Like a magic wand opening a portal to a new dimension, I feel the walls of my inner world quaking in ripples of pleasure. I ride the crest of the wave until it crashes beneath me and my lady flower gushes a fountain of elixir. Our bodies float entwined in the ocean of oneness, and the underwater sonar song of the dolphin song echoes through me. I feel a vastness expanding inside of me to encompass us both in a sphere of blue light. I see orbs of light dance from the tip of his wand to the entrance to my temple, inviting him into the folds of my peachy shell. I journey into his velvet eyes, feeling a tenderness in his heart as he strokes my hair. Like a majestic ship he glides into the waters of my inner world, with a gentle strength I feel him solid against the walls of my yoni. In a timeless place we rock against each other, dreaming a sea shanty song into being. We buck and roll across the bed until my head rolls back over the edge. Energy travels up my spine and my face flushes. I arch my back and release a primal howl. He drags me across the sheets and I respond by leaping on top of him, feeling him dive deep inside me, massaging my submarine cave with his tool of God. I enchant him with my mesmerising hip movements, sometimes a cork screw and sometimes a figure of eight. He groans as if he couldn’t take another drop of pleasure, yet I know if I stopped he would devour me in an instant. My body feels engorged and ready to burst with juice, he cups the mounds of my breasts and my thighs slap against him with the force of thunder. I am reeling in the currents, about to capsize at any moment. He grasps my hips firmly and I feel the rhythmic pulse of my clitoris against him. In slow motion, I witness a red rose blooming within my sacred doorway. I allow his razor-sharp presence to pierce my crimson veil, and I explode into a snowstorm of petals that scatter across the bed, caressing his divinity in a cosmic fountain of love. He melts into me, until we unite as a singular sapphire wave, rolling into shore. My clitoris a wet pebble, reflects the rays of the sun that splinter through us in a rainbow prism of bliss. The waters of grace wash through us and the scent of his sweat comforts me. I sink into his arms, occasionally shuddering as he kisses my cheeks and temples. Cradled in your underwater kingdom, we float in timeless space.


A gentle breeze swells the curtains, tickling the Pirates sleeping body, and rays of sunshine dapple the sandy sheets as they dance upon the bed. Dreamy beams of sunshine stream into the cabin from the port hole, creating a heaven on earth. Rising from a sweet dream of dolphins singing and making love, he awakens to find the bed empty and both the Pearls long gone.

“Pearl Snatcher…..” he murmurs to the breeze with a smile playing at the corner of his lips.

“I knew you would be back,” a tinge of sadness washes across his face and he fumbles for his rum down the side of the bed, before allowing the solar warmth to send him into an extended doze. This time he dreams of two pearls, shades of vanilla cream and black liquorice swirling into a coffee cup vortex, the harmony of yin and yang reunited. In fathomless peace the pearls sink to the bottom of the ocean. Resting on the edge of eternity, they pulse as one, their frequency of love rippling out to touch the vastness of the universe.

#Artnudemodel #artnudephotography #beachnude #creativenude #lifemodel #naturenude
Modelling by Shilly Nakedmoon, Photography by Jada Slutzky

Shilly Nakedmoon is the author of the Erotic Vampire Romance Novel Agent OWL: Meeting the Shadow an urban fantasy & paranormal romance set in Japan, featuring dark fantasy illustrations by the author. Buy your copy on amazon now!


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