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Prince Phoenix & The Cult of Bastet: A Shapeshifter Romance

Shilly Nakedmoon is the author of the Erotic Vampire Romance Novel Agent OWL: Meeting the Shadow an urban fantasy & paranormal romance set in Japan, featuring dark fantasy illustrations by the author. Buy your copy on amazon now!

You can listen to the author read this short story aloud through the youtube video link below, or feel free to be old school and read the post here! The video is part of Shilly's weekly Kinki Ink Erotic Storytelling videos, so if you enjoy this one, please subscribe to her Youtube channel.

In the 18th Dynasty, Queen Nefertiti gave birth to the most beautiful Prince that Egypt had even seen. He was gifted with eyes of sapphire, eyes that were to become famous for their ability to hypnotise the palace maids into a state of tranquillity so deep that they forgot to attend to their daily tasks. His powerful mother decided to bless him with the name Phoenix, believing him to hold the secret keys of alchemical transformation written in his DNA by the Gods. The whole kingdom watched over him keenly, as he fast grew into an athletic young man, of golden honey complexion, with a head of wild, ebony curls. He leapt about the palace grounds joyfully, playing with the royal cats and his many sisters, loved by all for his angelic nature.

Nefertiti knew in her heart that her son was different, as it was apparent that he had magical powers that were mysterious even to her great wisdom. Yet, she loved her son deeply and she allowed him the freedom to explore the mystical teachings through studies with a private tutor, and he became a skilled archer by apprenticing to the Kingdoms most esteemed Bowman.

As he reached his rite of passage to manhood, he was already a strapping young stallion of a man, who moved with agility like a hunting leopard. All the young ladies of the kingdom blushed to see his radiant smile. When his father, the Pharaoh Akhenaten passed away, Nefertiti was grief stricken for a period of time. Prince Phoenix was therefore granted much time to explore the Palace grounds alone and read books on the stars and medicine.

One day, he was lazing in the palace gardens under the shade of a tree, listening to the sound of the water fountain trickle into the lotus pond. He felt that someone was watching him, and he sat up to see a Palace servant cloaked in a white robe disappear behind a pillar as she walked across the courtyard. Somehow, he felt drawn to see the face of the woman that was concealed beneath a white scarf. He waited for her to reappear on the other side of the pillar, but mysteriously she didn’t. He then heard her footsteps continue to echo off the stones, yet he still couldn’t catch a glimpse of her mysterious beauty. Suddenly, he jumped to hear her soft, feminine voice behind him.

“Prince Phoenix, we have been waiting for you to remember your true origins. I am here to invite you to re-join your kind.”

He stared at her wide-eyed, his eyes pools of silver-blue flecked with lapis-lazuli. Her silver ringed fingers clasped her scarf across her face, revealing eyes of a startling hue. They were ringed with dark chocolate and the centre was a warm caramel, with tiny threads of amber that shone in the light. She released the scarf, allowing him to see his face, and for a moment Prince Phoenix had the flashing impression of a cat. Then he refocused his eyes to study her features more closely, seeing her rosebud lips, small snubby nose and high cheek bones. She had a timeless beauty and her age was hard to guess.

“Well do you want to unlock the codes to your true identity and awaken to your purpose or not?” She stared into his eyes more severely this time, and he found himself speechless, pinned to the spot. Abruptly, she turned to walk away. and he breathed again, as if released from her summoning power. He stood quickly, brushing himself off and then afraid she might disappear again, he sprung swiftly after her.

It was a full day’s journey to their destination, and she requested that he conceal his identity so that they could travel through the city unnoticed. Reaching the banks of the Nile, they boarded a private boat that was waiting to take them down the River. Prince Phoenix implored her to tell him more information about where she was taking him, but she would say no more on the matter. Eventually, he tired of questioning his cryptic tour guide, and being swayed by the motion of the boat, he drifted into a sleep filled with memories of sacred temples that felt strangely familiar.

Some hours later, he was called to awaken by a cool, refreshing hand on his forehead, as the bow of the boat touched the banks. He opened his eyes to see his guide’s eyes gleaming with a golden sheen in the moon light.

She rose to her feet, “we have arrived at the Temple of the Cult of Bastet.” She spoke in a tone that was at once both commanding and soothing.

Prince Phoenix saw that night had fallen, and there were lanterns lit on shore beyond the soft rustling of the river rushes. The night beckoned them, enveloping them in it’s dark, downy wings as they slipped their bare feet off the edge of the boat and waded through the marshy banks to dry land. The air was warm and fragrant with the heady scent of Lotus. He felt somewhat dreamy, as if entering a magical realm beyond the veil of ordinary reality. He trailed behind the inky outline of his guide, treading carefully in the dim light. The stars glittered and danced across the expanse of obsidian above. The moon was in her dark phase and not visible to the human eye, yet he felt her, encasing him in her vast starry womb. Giant palm fronds brushed past his naked ankles, whispering sweet nothings to him. Dark shapes moved at the sides of the path and he sensed that the nature spirits were present and aware of his arrival, chattering amongst themselves in tongues he could barely comprehend. The land was alive with anticipation of their arrival and he sensed that he was stepping into an initiation on some level, so he turned inwards, focusing on treading gently on the moist earth.

Two blazing fire torches marked the entrance to the Temple grounds. Beyond this illusory threshold, a looming silhouette of sandstone cut through the indigo sky. They approached the Temple Entrance in silence. A figure emerged to stand in the candlelit doorframe. She wore a dress of fine linen, skilfully wrapped around her feminine frame, suggesting luxurious curves. The gold bangles that adorned her bronzed arms glinted in the flames. Prince Phoenix watched his guide greet the Gatekeeper, and he heard her name spoken for the first time since seeing her at the palace.

“Welcome Mary of the Rose. It is our honour,” the Gatekeeper bowed in reverence. Then the Gatekeeper turned to face Prince Phoenix, and his heart pounded to witness the intense passion that burned deep within her eyes. His skin prickled with a scorching sensation, as the heat of the torches flickered at the edges of her plum-coloured irises, tainting them with a smoky chocolate brown rim.

“Welcome Prince Phoenix. We have been expecting you.” She beckoned them to follow, disappearing through the doorway.

Mary turned to Prince Phoenix, whispering insistently, “These are no ordinary women. They are Priestesses of the Cult of Bastet. You must treat them with reverence and in return, you will learn much from their wisdom.”

Prince Phoenix thought he detected a hint of humour in her rose-flushed cheeks, before her cream head scarf disappeared into the velvety darkness beyond the doorway. He breathed, pausing for a moment to collect himself. Then he stepped forwards into the dark passageway ahead.

They were lead through a labyrinth of stone corridors, lined with multiple doorways and archways, that Prince Phoenix envisioned as portals into multiple dimensions. He peered up winding staircases, spiralling up out of sight. The flickering shadows on the walls spoke in hushed and wicked words to Prince Phoenix, enticing him to descend into the candlelit vortexes. Despite the alluring pull to explore, Prince Phoenix remained on course, with all his senses alert. He resolved to focus on his guides ahead, and an atmosphere of tranquillity softly infused his being.

They approached the end of a long corridor, reaching a pair of heavy, wooden doors with no handle or keyhole. The Gatekeeper began to chant, her right-hand tracing shapes through the air as she swayed trance-like. Prince Phoenix caught her repeat the name Bastet three times, followed by a hissing sound that slithered off the stone walls into dead silence. The three figures stood still, until with a loud creak, a crack appeared between the doors. Then, magically, they swung open, coming to rest smoothly against the walls on either side. Prince Phoenix felt a shiver travel up his spine as he observed that the doors had opened of their own accord. His sense of intrigue heightened as his eyes adjusted to the dim light, and he detected shadows moving within an obsidian, twilight realm. Summoned by a mystical force, he felt a presence enticing him to step forwards and enter. As if his female escorts also sensed the call, they simultaneously moved to either side of the doorway and ushered him to enter. Swan-like, they each gracefully outstretched an arm into the archway. Their fingers outstretched and palms extended to the ceiling like unfurling lotuses, trailing fronds of white linen, that billowed gently over the mounds of their breasts, revealing delicate pink nipples through translucent veils.

Prince Phoenix walked cautiously forwards into the silky blackness. A warm breeze washed over him, and he heard the sound of harp music floating on the cosmic waves, trickling like water over his eyelids and relaxing his shoulders. In the dim light ahead, he saw a pair of eyes watching him, liquid gold and unblinking. Then, in swift succession, pairs of gleaming yellow eyes appeared throughout the space, although their source remained shrouded in shadow. The central pair of eyes flashed at him, and as this being slowly advanced towards him, beads of sweat trembled on his forehead. A molten, metallic sunset blazed in those eyes, and as the contours of the creature gradually became visible, his heart skipped at least a beat or two.

A cat-like being emerged from the dusky half-light. She wore a long skirt of metallic gold sequins, that glittered and danced in the firelight. Her feet appeared to glide across the floor in a way that defied the art of walking. Her hips were luxuriously wide, and decorated with a dainty gold chain that dangled from her waist. Her torso was of human shape, yet covered in velvet fur. Her breasts glowed with a jet-black sheen, and her neck was bejewelled by golden chains, lavishly encrusted with ruby red stones. Her face was so beautiful that after only a short moment, it became almost petrifying to behold. Prince Phoenix longed to look away from this blinding intensity, yet simultaneously, he could not summon enough strength to tear his eyes away from such immaculate divinity. Her ears were pointed like a cat, and her facial features were recognisably feline in nature. He intuitively sensed that he stood before a being of goddess status, and he found himself kneeling to bow in reverence before her.

A melting pot of anxiety and excitement bubbled within him, creating fertile ground for a sexual awakening to occur. He felt the pleasurable softness of a fluffy cat’s tail slink it’s way under his chin, and then the tip of the tail graciously lifted his face up to the light. He found himself kneeling in awe at the feet of a magnificent pussy, whose tail flicked across his face playfully. As he gazed upwards, a realisation dawned on him. He had read many scriptures and manuscripts in his studies about Bastet, the cat goddess of fertility, whose power was often called upon on by many Egyptians to protect their home. Could this be….? He marvelled at the possibility.

Then without moving her lips, the cat goddess began to speak. Through a form of telepathy, her rich and erotic voice rung out clear in his mind, “Prince Phoenix. Welcome to the cult of Bastet. We have been aware for some time that you stand on the precipice of manhood. We have called you here to offer you an initiation into the sexual mysteries, so that you can become both a fine lover and partner when your time is right.”

Prince Phoenix felt both curious and frightened by her words. Enthralled by her majesty, her feminine power rivetted him the spot.

As if he knew what to say, the words tumbled forth and he replied, “I accept your invitation with honour and reverence.” He bowed humbly before standing, his legs trembling with trepidation.

“Then know that we have but one request, that you do not reveal the details of your experience to a soul. For to reveal the mysteries, is to diminish the potent power of your initiation.”

Her feline eyes glowed brightly, and he nodded his acceptance of her condition. The next moment, he heard furry bodies scurrying around him the darkness, brushing up against his limbs and de-robing him to his full nakedness. An erotic energy ached between his legs, and he yearned to touch the female creatures that roamed around him, these prowling jaguars that ripped at his clothes. However, a sense of respect restrained his desire. He allowed himself to be commanded by the wild snarls and growls of these feline beings. They dragged his moaning and naked body to a soft bed of cushions and futons, then stroked and massaged him until he yelped with pleasure. They laughed mischievously at his squeals, their taut lips exposing long canines at the corners of their mouths. Something like fear fleetingly tickled the edges of Prince Phoenix’s awareness, before rapidly dissolving into a state of total rapture. He melted willingly into the soft downy bedding and allowed their feminine energy to swallow him whole. They leapt about, biting and grazing his golden chest with their sharp teeth. He whimpered in bliss and craved more, yet he dared not speak. He felt a surge of erotic power so strong that he became erect, and he feared that he might explode if they touched his sensitive tip. Yet, without words, they understood all of this, and were gentle at first, tickling and stroking him, then kissing and licking him into a frenzy.

It seemed to Prince Phoenix as if he would climax at any moment, as if pleasure could never surpass this crowning moment. At the peak of his tolerance limit, the cat priestesses began to dance. As he witnessed their bodies writhe in a scene of unadulterated magic, their tails flicked hypnotically, and something stirred from the depths within him. His first impression had been that they were acting in worship of him, yet by witnessing their pure, erotic innocence, he had awakened the impulse within himself to worship them. A strong calling rose up inside him, to protect, ravish and adore the feminine. He wanted so badly to ask them how he should do this, and they smiled knowingly back at him, directing his hungry fingers to explore their slinky bodies, delicately at first until he located their sweet spots. He did as they wished, enchanted by their mesmerising and magnetic allure.

Their tails draped over his ankles, binding him with snake-like ties, as a surge of electric energy pulsated from the base of his spine, and travelled the full length of his spinal column. His mind then imploded into a sea of stars, and he felt an uncomfortable sensation, as a new bone structure exploded out of the base of his tail bone. It was not painful, but a peculiar tingling sensation extended all the way down the side of one leg. Opening his eyes, his body convulsed to see he had grown a new limb. Stunned, he gazed at his pale, white tail quivering ecstatically in the silver light. It swept along the side of his hip, and he flicked the tip of his brand-new tail with a playful fascination. He then noticed that his full body had shapeshifted into a feline form, but oddly, this felt both natural and familiar. He observed that the fur on his skin was white with chocolate-brown markings.

Purring happily, he entwined his tail with another cat priestesses tail. At the moment that their tails connected, he felt the love of the universe pour through him, and between them. In merging with her energy, he knew then with certainty, that his potency and purpose as a man, was to love and worship the feminine. Both in its most fragile, and in its most wild essence. Then, realising something with great delight, he murmured dreamily, “I love pussy!” before purring the rest of the night away.

And so, I hear you ask, what really happened that night to Prince Phoenix? Well, it would no longer be a sexual mystery if I told you everything would it? ;) So, I leave the rest to your imagination.

The end.

Shilly Nakedmoon is the author of the Erotic Vampire Romance Novel Agent OWL: Meeting the Shadow an urban fantasy & paranormal romance set in Japan, featuring dark fantasy illustrations by the author. Buy your copy on amazon now!


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