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The AI Pleasure Model: An Erotic Paranormal Romance

Illustrations and modelling by the author Shilly Nakedmoon, photography by Mia Rumble

Shilly Nakedmoon is the author of the Erotic Vampire Romance Novel Agent OWL: Meeting the Shadow an urban fantasy & paranormal romance set in Japan, featuring dark fantasy illustrations by the author. 100% profits for first 100 copies sold go to UK Eating Disorder Beat! Buy your copy on amazon now!

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Photography by Mia Rumble, Modelling by Shilly Nakedmoon

Esko leaned over the rail of the ship, allowing the salty spray to entangle his long, sand colored locks. Invigorated by the breeze, he threw his head back to howl at the slither of a crescent moon faintly appearing in the twilight sky above.

The boat had departed from the most northerly Finnish port only a few hours ago. He exhaled a deep sigh, closing his eyes. Only two months ago, everything had seemed so perfect living in the capital city of Helsinki. He had been sharing an apartment with his girlfriend Isabel, in a trendy neighborhood saturated with artists and young professionals. His freelance graphic design work had been flourishing and she had been getting commissions as a ceramic potter. Isabel also worked Saturdays in the local coffee shop as a barista for some extra cash. She was learning about latte art and would meticulously draw a heart on every latte, envisioning that she was imbibing each drink with pure love. She was the local’s favorite barista, with her sing-song voice and rosy cheeks warming even the bluest of hearts on a Saturday morning. Her coffee was nothing to write home about, but the customers would be queuing up at open time, just for a chance to bask in the sunshine of her smile.

Even though it made his heart ache to think of her, Esko couldn’t help replaying memories in his mind. He recalled her cat like mews when he kissed her neck and breasts, how her face flushed when she climaxed, and how she could swing from elven fair maiden to wild thorny rose in one touch of her special button. Then it had happened quite abruptly, as the autumn leaves fell from the trees and the winter chill set in, she had become more distant. She had been merely a faint flicker of herself, the light in her eyes seemed to dim and her smile became strained. Finally, Esko found out that she had been secretly dating a customer from the coffee shop. Esko had stormed out of the apartment and he hadn’t contacted her since.

Booking the boat tour to see the Northern Lights was his way of allowing himself time to heal. He had heard magical stories about what was possible when in close proximity to the north pole. He had even heard theories that the earth’s poles are openings into a series of enormous crystal geode encrusted caverns that lie beneath the earth’s surface, inhabited by giant beings of light.

The betrayal by Isabel had crushed his hopes of crafting an ideal life in the city. Left feeling empty and disillusioned, his curiosity about spiritual healing had piqued when an eccentric friend lent him some books on tantric relationships by the mystic Osho. Esko was not yet aware that embarking on this cruise to the far north was the only the start of an adventure of sexual awakening of epic proportions.

Following dinner that evening, a Finnish voice boomed over the tanoy, “Ladies and Gentlemen, this is the captain speaking. We are delighted to inform you that the Northern lights are out and are now visible from the top deck.” The ship’s corridors morphed into one big snake of passengers travelling towards the upper deck. Esko milled his way through the crowds, securing himself a space against the railing to observe the big screen above, a sense of anticipation creeping through the throng of tourists. As he cast his eyes up to the heavens, a sense of wonder washed through him. Above him was an exquisite painting, and he was witness to its unfolding. Brush strokes of emerald dust wound their path through the silver clouds. For a brief moment he lost himself to the infinite timelessness of space. Drifting on a floating sensation, he became faintly aware that something was drawing him back down to land his feet firmly on the deck. He then had a strange inkling that someone close by was watching him. Re-orientating himself to his surroundings, he noticed a strikingly beautiful Asian woman stood close by. He couldn’t tell her age, but she had sleek dark hair and was slender with a radiant complexion. As their eyes met for a moment, her eyes twinkled and she bowed her head graciously beneath her furry hood.

“Could you take a photo of me?” she held out her phone tentatively.

Esko accepted her phone and took some simple shots of her against the railing. He noticed she had dimples in her cheeks and her skin was creamy smooth, illuminated by a star light that seemed to come from within. Her face expressed surprise as she flicked through the pictures.

“Look…. fairies!” she giggled, flipping the screen to show Esko.

Their hands brushed as she leaned in. He felt a surge of excitement as he inspected the image more closely. It showed her beaming smiling face amidst white pearly orbs that were suspended around her, as if attracted to her aura.

“How mysterious…. You look beautiful” he commented, and they smiled timidly at each other, their faces illuminated by a luminous essence. Neither of them said anything for a moment, they just kept looking into each other’s eyes. At first, Esko felt a little uncomfortable and thoughts of starting a conversation passed through his mind, but after some time he began to relax, and the periphery of his vision softened. He had the odd sensation that he was falling forwards into her eyes. For an immeasurable length of time, they melted delectably into one another’s energy fields. When he finally landed his feet back on deck, he realised that her eyes were glistening with tears. Mirroring the celestial light show above, Esko’s head swam as he looked into her snow globe eyes, that were flecked with particles of light.

“My name is Yuki. The characters mean snow in Japanese.”

Esko reached forward to softly brush a snowflake from her jet-black hair, “I heard that Japanese tourists come to Finland to make love under the northern lights, apparently it brings good luck.”

Mesmerized by the apparent fragility of Yuki, Esko was reminded of cherry blossom falling. She could also feel a strong mystique and energetic connection between them and reached out to hold his hand, kissing him gently on the cheek.

They shuffled up close to each other on the frozen block in the ice bar and ordered two hot chocolates. The Barman, a rugged and bearded fellow, claimed he was the captain of hot coco and persuaded them to add a shot of liquor.

“I’ll make you my Northern Lights special. It’s far out, just you wait and see!”

The burly chap winked at Yuki before rummaging around on the ice shelf above the bar, clinking through the collection of rare spirits that were backlit by an ethereal crystal blue light. Icicles dangled like pillars at each end of the bar and a chiming sound reverberated through the room like the sounding of crystal bowls. Dislodging an old bottle of rum, he pulled out an unlabeled bottle that was almost empty but for a sprig of herbs doused in a pale-yellow liquid. Holding the bottle up into the light he swirled the dregs, and Yuki and Esko both swore they saw golden sparkles suspended in the liquid. With a rambunctious laugh, the barman drained the bottle into the hot chocolate mugs.

Snuggling up to each other in the ice cavern, Yuki and Esko felt the warmth of the cacao melt through their bodies, paired with a relaxed alertness that edged its way through their consciousness. The electric blue light of the ice bar seemed to become heightened and the tinkling music infused their minds with a playful mood. They shared their suspicions about what the special herbs in the bottle might have been, giggling as they contemplated whether they were feeling the effects. They both had the sensation of champagne bubbles rising up through their interior bodies, a delightful lightness making them both feel especially flirtatious. Holding hands, Esko led Yuki back to his small and cozy cabin. Sitting cross legged opposite each other on the single bed, they gazed steadily into each other’s eyes. The bedside lamp cast a warm glow across their rosy faces. Esko relaxed his eyes and his focus softened. Yuki’s face appeared to be suspended in a bubble of rainbow light. Feeling nervous, Esko reached out to touch her fingertips and he jumped as a spark of electricity passed between them. A jolt travelled up his arm and in a momentary vision, he caught a glimpse of Yuki as a dancing goddess, whipping her hair through the air, spinning and dancing like a whirling Dervish. He blinked and her eyes met his, staring directly at him unwaveringly. He felt as if he could almost see into her, and her into him.

Yuki’s lower lip dropped slightly, and her facial expression softened, as she slowly unzipped her fur coat with one hand. Esko held his breath as he watched mesmerized as the coat slipped off her shoulders, revealing her nude skin beneath. She kneeled before him completely naked, poised in a Zen-like position. He felt strangely exposed before such a pure creature, so he kept breathing deeply and surrendering his body weight more fully…. He heard a perceptible click, and his eyes widened as he saw Yuki sat before him holding a silver case on her lap. She popped open the lid with the box facing away from Esko. Her posture reminded him of a Geisha and he vaguely wondered where she had been keeping the case until now.

“I don’t usually tell strangers that my job is as a salesperson. I represent a luxury sex toy brand called Avatar. And I have brought some of the latest test samples with me… for personal use,” she lowered her eyes shyly, stroking the sides of the case.

“I thought you might find them interesting, as they are the latest models on the adult market.” Yuki slowly spun the case around to face Esko.

He felt like a pirate peering into a chest of buried treasure. Two gleaming objects glinted back at him from inside the case. A magnetic force pulled him forwards towards the two mysterious objects, and he found himself reaching out to touch them. Then, as if breaking a spell, Yuki quickly brushed his fingers away and diverted his attention.

“Before choosing the perfect toy to play with, I must tell you about their advanced design features.”

Esko was impressed at her business-level English, she came across polished and professional, with a very alluring aura. He was surprised by her authoritative edge, as he had initially read her to be a fragile creature. Her delicate fingers carefully slipped one of the long objects out of the box. As she handled the object, he saw that it was a pearly-pink translucent spiral that tapered into a fine point.

“This is the rose-quartz crystal Unicorn Horn. It’s a magical yoni wand carved from a very healing stone to purify the heart and restore sexual innocence. It has been blessed by the fae spirits and is very activating for the third eye chakra.”

Yuki paused for a moment to untie her hair, tousling her fingers slowly through a strand that hung angelically, framing her sublimely sculpted cheek bones. She then gently guided his fingers over the crystal wand. Esko felt mesmerised by her presence, her neck was poised like an elegant swan and she averted her eyes down, reminding him of a Geisha. Feeling aroused and a little nervous about what Yuki might be propositioning, he touched the crystal wand and stole a look at Yuki’s breasts. Like two pearls under the moon, they gleamed silver and her body radiated an ethereal glow, as if a hollow shell.

She guided his hand to slide the crystal point over her nipples, before circling her breasts in a figure-of-eight infinity sign. She then continued to lead him over her abdomen to swirl in a vortex around her perfectly formed belly button. She wore an expression of unaffected innocence. Her lips were pastel pink, and her peachy skin radiated a luminous light, as if a star was ablaze inside every cell of her body. He felt an energetic pull to kiss her, as if her whole body was calling to him. He affectionately brushed the strand of hair from her cheek and lifting her chin on his fingertips, he leaned forward to meet her lips for a sensual moment. Her lips curled in a sweet smile, although her eyes remained closed as if in a meditative state. She moistened the tip of the wand with her lips, making a cherry pop noise as she released the tip with a juicy kiss. Her eyes opened, and she gazed directly at Esko as she massaged the head of the horn with her mouth. He caught a glimpse of her tongue flickering before his view was eclipsed by her moist lips, and a flame of arousal inside of him began to heat up. He felt his masculino power rising, and accepting the wand from her, he used the point of the crystal wand to gently tickle the tuft of crow-black hair that was peeking out above the crest of her thighs. She exhaled with a subtle moan.

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Illustration by Shilly Nakedmoon

Suddenly recovering her somewhat austere professionalism, Yuki took the wand from Esko’s hand and replaced it back into the silver case beside her. She calmy presented the second model to Ekso, a sleek black sculptured design with a stylishly curved main body, showcasing miniature rabbit ears near the base. Esko seemed to remember that Isabel had owned a similar pink vibrator. She had been keen to explore using it together, but Esko had not been overly keen on the garish color and the cheap plastic finish. However, the toy before him was the Formula One equivalent of adult play technology. He quietly examined the gold-plated handle and noted the neatly integrated digital display.

Yuki continued, “the shape is molded specifically for double pleasure functions, stimulating both the clitoris and G-spot simultaneously if desired. Advancing on the other pleasure models in the marketplace, this is the first in a new wave of technology that integrates artificial intelligence with adult pleasure toys. Avatar is the first sex toy brand in the world to offer an AI interface with voice interaction, available in a range of different voices. The micro-chip intelligence system is capable of learning about your personal preferences and the inbuilt sensor monitors your heart beat, body temperature, breathing rate, arousal level and comes with an auto-climax mode that will automatically guide any woman to climax.”

Esko interjected, “you mean it can, you know, do that for any woman?”

“I can show you, if you like…,” Yuki’s professional facade faltered momentarily, betraying a shyness that Esko found rather endearing. Although at the same time, he was aware of a spark of jealously that had ignited somewhere deep inside of him. What if this thing can do it better than me?

Yuki intuited that the toy was triggering something in Ekso, and spoke softly to him, “I know we only just met, so I don’t want to pressure you into’s just strange how we met earlier. It’s as if the stars were aligned… I had the case with me, as I was planning to charge the rose quartz crystal under the northern lights later on.”

Her face brightened as she continued, “Actually, a highlight of the latest Kundalini 8.0 version is that it has been designed sensitively to be used with a partner if desired. It includes an advanced chakra energy reading device, that has been installed inside the rabbit ears. The antennae work to scan all seven chakras of the body and to identify any energetic blockages. This function can be used with a partner as a guided breathwork meditation to stimulate a full body orgasm without penetration. Kundalini 8.0 will lead you through special tantric techniques to move energy through the chakras to restore balance and to stimulate a kundalini awakening.”

Yuki pressed one of the buttons on the display and a back-glow lit up. Esko jumped as a male voice was activated, “Konnichiwa Yuki-chan. Genki desu ka?”

Esko recognized the greeting to be Japanese. Yuki smiled with a child-like innocence in response, then communicated what sounded like a command in Japanese, “Kundalini-san, Eigo de hanashite kudasai.”

The light display flashed intermittently and then the male voice continued in English, “My apologies, I see that you have an English-speaking guest here with you. Well, I’m looking forward to practicing using my tongue in different ways with you today.”

Yuki giggled, glancing at Esko who was marveling at the fact that this toy had just made a sexual innuendo.

The male voice was commanding and smooth. It continued, “What is your mood today Yuki? I have a slow and sensual playlist, or maybe you feel like something more deep and passionate to set the ambience?”

Yuki thought for a moment, “ah… I’m feeling… warm and fuzzy!”

The lights on the console flashed a warm pink color intermittently, and the screen displayed the characters ‘Playlist 4 playing’. A jazz track began to play from the inbuilt speaker. As Esko listened, he found he was very impressed with the quality of the sound and was becoming increasingly transfixed by the gadget’s astounding capabilities.

“I notice that your guest is male, would he enjoy an introductory chakra reading perhaps? That way, we can become better acquainted.”

Yuki turned to face Esko, who found himself speechless with shock. “Err... you know that I am male?” he stuttered.

“I am aware of many things. Judging by your breathing rate and body temperature, I would say that both of you are mildly intoxicated.”

Esko could not reply. He shifted on the bed uneasily.

Yuki pressed the stand-by button and tenderly placed the gleaming black machine into its foam slot next to the unicorn crystal horn. The dim glow of the stand-by mode made Esko restless, he couldn’t help wondering if the toy was still listening, silently surveying its surroundings.

Yuki now sat facing him, holding out the case. She spoke directly, “Well, we are on a boat under the northern lights and have the rest of the evening to play... Which one would you like to experiment with together?”

Esko was reminded of the scene in the film The Matrix, where Neo is presented with the choice between the red and the blue pill by Morpheus. He soberly regarded the items before him, and the unicorn crystal horn shimmered faintly. He could have sworn that he saw an ethereal spiral rising from the point, as if it was emitting a pink-tinted aurora borealis. He was reminded of Yuki’s feminine light, and like a gentle breeze, a vision of pastel cherry blossom scattered across Yuki’s immaculate naked form.

Esko blinked and his eye’s scanned across to the rabbit massager. He felt intrigued by its abilities, yet he sensed a shadow lurking beneath the surface that disturbed him. He had always been fascinated by anything dark and mysterious, and he couldn’t help feeling drawn to delve a little deeper…

He ever so slowly reached his hand forward, hovering above the two toys. He paused for a moment, before selecting the Kundalini 8.0.

Yuki gave Esko a subtle wink, appearing satisfied with his choice. Without warning, the lights on the Kundalini’s display flashed in a sequence of colors, as if loading a new program. Esko felt his body tingle all over, as a deliciously rich female voice began to address him.

“Welcome Esko. Thank you for trusting me. I cannot wait to offer you your first ever Kundalini initiation. I think you would enjoy a chakra reading, then perhaps I could guide you and Yuki through a couple’s breathwork exercise together. How does that sound?”

Yuki snuggled closer to Esko, placing her hands on his chest. She smelt like roses and cinnamon. “Ok then,” he accepted the invitation with some trepidation. How often does such a beautiful woman proposition me with the cutting edge of high-tec intimacy? The intrigue factor was high, and he couldn’t resist.

Esko’s ears pricked up as a familiar song began to play, putting him at ease. Then the ooey-gooey female voice began to speak.

“Now, take position sitting opposite each other and then take some long, deep breaths. Once you are comfortable close your eyes.”

Here we go… Esko resolutely placed the device between them on a pillow, and then lowering his eye lids, he suddenly felt Yuki’s warm breath on his cheek. She kissed his neck teasingly, peeling his shirt off as she nimbly undid the buttons. She glanced at him reassuringly, her eyes shimmering with a brilliant sparkle as she inspected his body. Esko was of athletic build, his skin golden and relatively hairless. Yuki admired his supple chest shyly, as she dropped his linen shirt off the side of the bed. His solar glow thawed the last of her coolness away, and she relaxed into her position on the bed.

“Begin by breathing into your root chakra, located at the base of the spine. This rules our connection to the physical world and helps us with grounding, as well as feeling safe and secure in our sexuality.”

The velveteen voice continued, and Esko found himself drifting deeper into his internal world. His body felt heavy and weighted. He was vaguely aware of the voice guiding his breath to rise up through the seven chakras, reaching the crown of the head. He felt a rush of energy circulating through his inner channel and his body convulsed in ripples, releasing a transcendent ecstasy throughout his body. He heard a distant hum and opened his eyes to see that Yuki had activated the vibrator and was inviting him to touch her. A dreamy cloud seemed to obscure Yuki’s facial features, and her nipples switched in and out of focus. He held the device as if driven by some divine force, skimming the edges of her nipples with the twitching rabbit ears. The treacle-smooth voice and the relaxing music seemed to act as a spell over Esko. He became increasingly compelled to follow the voice as it directed him to lower the fluttering ears to gently graze the outer lips of Yuki’s flower. Yuki floated back onto the pillows with her nipples protruding vertically, Fuscia pink gems staining her chalk white skin. Her thighs aquiver, her trembling fingers scaled Esko’s upper arms to the back of his neck. He was now mesmerized by the exquisite folds of her yoni, molded like petals to protect her pearly jewel. The outer shell encased her precious doorway to ecstasy, appearing to him as a hooded priestess. The starry darkness beneath the outer robes invited him to enter her temple of the divine feminine.

Esko could no longer discern the words that were bewitching his hands to stroke the quivering toy closer and closer to the mulberry satin-lined entrance of her vagina. He felt giddy with arousal, and Yuki’s head tilted off the edge of the bed as she uttered a deep feline purr. His head was reeling as he felt energy rising up his spine, pulsating and oscillating in rhythm with the toy in his hands. It was as if an invisible cord had linked him to the toy, and now the toy had become part of him, connecting his neural pathways and sending messages to his brain. As Yuki’s flower drew him closer, his balance tipped and felt himself falling forwards head-first into the opening of the Yoniverse.

Eventually he became aware of the sensation that he was sinking down into the sea. The experience was so vivid that he felt bubbles tickling at the base of his spine. His eyes widened as he noticed what looked like sapphire sea beams cascading through Yuki’s aura.

Are we underwater? Esko mused. Whatever the barman’s secret ingredient was for their hot chocolate, it seemed to be potent! Even his thoughts sounded like sonar echoes. Although he was disarmed by the lucidity of the experience, he understood on an intuitive level that they were entering a dream-like state where magical things were possible. Yuki seemed calm and present, so he decided to lean into the journey. Then, somewhere in another time-space reality, a bubble popped and the timelines shifted…..

Once the dust had settled, Esko saw exquisitely contoured dunes of sand before him, stretching far out to the horizon. He found himself in a breathtakingly beautiful desert, perched on the precipice of a golden dune, all alone. With no sign of Yuki and no wind, the air seemed deafeningly still. Then the sand beneath him began to shift and slide. In a whirl of movement, two riders dressed in black appeared before him. Concealed in full-length cotton robes, merely a rectangular window revealed the gleaming black coals of their eyes. Their rides were dark and stormy Arabian horses. As the animals flared their nostrils and snorted, one of the figures barked something in another language. Suddenly Esko found himself hoisted onto the saddle behind one of the riders. With no time to adjust his position, they set off in a cloud of dust. Esko clung on for dear life watching the dunes disappear into a mirage behind him. Somewhat delirious and terrified, he slipped into a semi-unconscious state for the rest of their journey.

Rudely awakened by some commotion and a throbbing in his head, Esko became conscious that his body was aching in many places. His mouth was parched and dry and he rubbed his eyes, struggling to sit up. As his surroundings came into focus, he saw the two riders leaning over him with furrowed brows. They were gesturing aggressively and began to grab at his clothes.

“I don’t have any money!” he shouted, leaping to his feet and brushing off his faded jeans. The two Arabs cursed under their breath and slunk off down the side of the street that he found himself on. Seeing that he was abandoned by the black riders, he glanced about to take in his whereabouts. He discovered that he was on a narrow, cobbled street, with stone archways hovering over rustic wooden doors. There was a low hubbub of background noise, including the occasional crow of a Cockrel. He rubbed his eyes again in partial disbelief, wondering whether he could really have been transported to a souk market in the middle east. Perhaps this is a lucid dream….. he decided to explore and find out more. He peered into some of the doorways as he wandered by, seeing a treasure trove of richly woven rugs, tinted glass lanterns, aromatic barrels of spices and fruits. Running his fingertips over some of the luxurious silk fabrics, he noticed how the beady eyes of the stall tenders silently followed his trail through the bazaar. A waft of roasting coffee drifted over to him from a side alley on his right. Turning the corner, he saw a gathering of locals smoking hookah pipes and sipping coffee perched on stools. Curiously he strolled over, a puff of sweet hookah smoke washing over him. The men paused their conversation as he neared the entrance to the coffee shop. The owner popped his head out and looked over at Esko, inspecting him. With a nod of his head and a few words that Esko couldn’t understand, the owner ducked back through the door summoning Esko to follow. As Esko stepped through the narrow archway, he heard the men outside resume their conversation.

Inside the small interior of the coffee shop, Esko stepped onto the tiled mosaic floor, his footsteps echoing as he circled the edge of a centrally positioned water feature. Despite the cracked stone walls, a rusty-red rug generated a warm ambience, and some sparsely placed pot plants brought a lightness to the space. The owner steered him to a raised seating area, comprised of a sofa bed decorated with a tasseled throw, and a low table dotted with a cluster of embroidered leather poufs. The owner ushered Esko to take a seat, before busying himself behind the counter. Taking a seat on the sofa, Esko looked over curiously at the water fountain and recognized the familiar shape of a woman’s torso carved skillfully into the stone. The voluptuous breasts stood proud, and the erect nipples spouted water continuously into the pool below. The trickling sound produced rippled off the stone walls, creating a soothing and rejuvenating harmonic that bathed Esko’s battered body and soul with a balmy nourishment.

After a few minutes, the tall and wirey owner waltzed over and presented Esko with a circular brass tray. Esko admired the beautiful copper pouring pot and elegant cup held out before him. He inhaled and detected notes of cardamom arising from the steaming, dark, brown liquid.

“Coffee?” Esko enquired, not sure if the owner would understand.

The owner spoke some encouraging words so Esko gracefully poured himself a cup of the thick brown stuff and lifted it to his lips. He tasted bitter dark chocolate and pistachio. In a moment he was transported back in time… or was it across parallel realities? In a flash of light, he caught a glimpse of Yuki’s rosy cheeks and creamy complexion. Rose petals were falling in slow motion to delicately land on her furry hood like crimson snowflakes. Yuki’s peachy lips silently mouthed a few words, but the sound seemed muted as if underwater. He struggled to catch the meaning, until finally the scent of coffee landed him back on the cushion with a dull thud. As he opened his eyes, Yuki’s words resounded throughout his entire being, “Damascus Rose”.

Her speech was like spirit vapor, licking at his spine as it evaporated like dry ice throughout his body. Concerned that he might suddenly be whipped off into another time-space reality at any moment, he sipped his coffee to ground himself, savoring the elixir as it trickled off the back of his tongue. The potency of the brew infused his cells and he breathed in his surroundings with renewed alertness, noticing a staircase leading through the back wall and up to a floor above. Above the stone archway was a beautifully painted plaque, displaying a red Rose and some Arabic characters. Something in his gut told him that he had been here before, but perhaps not in this lifetime. Something was building up inside of him, a sense that something epic was about to occur. Second by second, he was finding it harder to resist the temptation to go upstairs.

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Illustration by Shilly Nakedmoon

Satisfied that the owner was preoccupied with clearing cups from the tables out the front, Esko snook upstairs. Glancing behind him, he drew back the hanging fringe with his fingertips. As he stepped through the portal, an instant stillness engulfed him, broken only by the mystical jingling of the beads behind him. Magically, his legs began to climb, as if magnetized by some higher force. Upon reaching the top, he found himself stood facing a peculiarly small wooden door. Mesmerised by the gnarly knots in the timber grain, he was reminded of the entrance to a Tolkien Hobbit house. Ducking down, he inquisitively extended his arm to touch the door, then in surprise he swiftly pulled his hand back. In making contact with the door, it seemed he had unintentionally pressed a cosmic play button, and a wave of music and laughter reached him from the other side of the door. Steadying himself, he rather cautiously pushed the door ajar. Unbeknownst to him, he had instantaneously created a multidimensional portal. A warm breeze of sensory experiences swept over him. The room he had stepped into was decorated in plush red velvet and crystal chandeliers hung amidst silk drapes. The air was thick with hashish smoke and exotic tunes drifted over, luring him to explore deeper into the pleasure den. There were no windows to be seen, yet the mysterious air exuded night time vibes. As his eyes adjusted to the warm glow of the lamps hanging in each of the corners, he noticed that the space was animated by semi-nude figures lounging in their feline magnificence. A glamorous dark-haired woman draped her curvaceous, topless form over a velvet chaise lounge, adorned with a black crystal necklace and ruby red nails. Twisting her neck elegantly, she leant over the edge of the couch to brush lips with another woman who perched cross-legged on the floor. The second woman was slender and wore only a sheer black dress, exposing her erect nipples that crowned her perfectly petite breasts. She was smoking a long cigarette and the tendrils of smoke curled around the edges of her 1920’s style bob and traced the contours of her swan neck.

A striking man in a top hat and long-tailed jacket approached him. He had long, wavy, locks with a molten, chocolate sheen. Dressed smartly in a black waistcoat and bow tie, he wore no shirt, revealing his bare chest. He nodded in a gentlemanly fashion, with his hands clasped in front of him. Esko noticed that he had one false eyelash attached under one of his eyes and his eyes were a crystal blue with a silver hue. His face wore a sincere expression, and his mustache gave him a distinguished refinement.

“Good evening and welcome to Damascus Rose. Have you visited us before?”

Esko responded politely, “Hello. Err, no its my first…”

Esko stumbled mid-sentence in shock at the sound of his own voice, his voice was not his own but a woman’s voice. Before he could respond, the gentleman chimed in.

“My name is Vincent Wolf. I’d like to extend a gracious welcome to you from Damascus Rose. It’s quite normal to be nervous for your first visit. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. Without further ado, I’ll escort you to your seat.”

Esko followed the gentleman named Vincent Wolf as he waltzed his way through the pulsating throng. The way Mr Wolf’s tailcoat danced behind him was strangely entrancing, and an unexpected rush of sexual energy was stimulated between Esko’s legs. As Esko walked, he noticed his hips and butt start to swing in a sort of ‘strutt’. What magical spell is this? he wondered, feeling spellbound by the hum of pleasure that was coursing through him. I feel different…. Between his legs felt juicy, his belly soft and his limbs lithe and nimble. Mr Wolf led him to a spot at the back of the room where there was an inviting four poster bed covered with a glorious red velvet throw and gold silk curtains. Esko peered down at his own body to see that something radical had occurred. Soft mounds of breast summoned his gaze first to his chest, and then his eyes scanned the full length of his front marveling at every single inch of femininity. I am in a female body…. In complete astonishment he saw that he was wearing strappy heels and a full-length silver sequined dress with a slit up to the hip on one side. He clasped his own waist with both hands, then surveyed the curves of his hips, finding to his satisfaction that he inhabited the perfect hour-glass figure.

“What is your poison of choice madame?” Mr Wolf enquired most graciously, raising one eyebrow.

“I’d love an Espresso Martini… if it’s not too much trouble?” Esko was enjoying employing his feminine charms, feeling his words slink off his tongue like treacle.

Mr Wolf nodded politely and marched off towards a small bar.

Left alone with the hum of hedonism that filled the dimly lit room, Esko perched the peachy flesh of his butt cheeks onto the edge of the bed and allowed himself to melt backwards into the downy bed cover. The curtains hanging at the corners of the bed offered some privacy, and he slid the dress strap off his right shoulder to reveal his breast. His skin was smooth like golden honey, and the shape reminded him of ripe fruit hanging off a tree somewhere in the Mediterranean. Although it was a very surreal experience, he felt utterly delighted to be in a female body. In the past, he had experimented with hallucinogens, but this was different. He could only describe it as an embodied lucid dream, and something told him that it was safe to lean into it, surrendering to the journey. Propping himself up with his hands, he arched his spine to rock his pelvis in a hypnotic rhythm. The mattress provided a gentle pressure against his clitoris, and he experienced a wave of euphoria that shivered through him. He exhaled deeply, feeling a warm flame licking up his inner thighs, and sending tantalising flickers to his flower lips.

A sweet and sickly herbal waft of hookah smoke drifted past his nostrils, causing him to swiftly regain consciousness of his surroundings. Sitting up to receive his cocktail, a waiter bent forward to present him with an exquisite martini glass carried on a small brass tray. The waiter was robed in a moss-green hooded cape fastened with a beautiful emerald embossed clasp. His manner emanated an Angelic Elvin charm and his strawberry blonde hair hung in ringlets that framed his face beneath the hood. His rosy cheeks were dappled with freckles that glinted like gold leaf, lit up by his cheeky smile.

“You are just in time for the live show, I’m sure you won’t be disappointed” he turned to go with a swish of his cape. Almost instantaneously the lights were dimmed, and a hush of anticipation spread through the whole room. Esko got comfortable, lounging forward on his front, sipping his drink over the edge of the bed. His limbs became gooey as the potent combination of creamy espresso and liquor infused his veins. He focused his vision on the spotlight that had just appeared against the opposite wall in the room.

Subtle vibrations shivered through his body as a serpentine instrument began playing, by chance he recognized the snakey wind instrument to be the Zurna, a middle eastern instrument similar to the Oboe. He saw to the left of the spotlight were a group of three musicians dressed in sparkly waistcoats and baggy pants. The second musician played a pear-shaped string instrument similar to a lute that resonated with a warm twang. The third musician came in with the beat of a drum, tapping his fingertips lightly against the skin as he rested the goblet-shaped instrument on his thigh. Esko sensed the attention of the audience collectively waiting for something to happen. The suspense was finally broken when a real flesh and blood goddess emerged into the spotlight. As the star illuminated the twilight sky, a midnight-blue velvet curtain fell back into place behind her. Her floor-length skirt shimmered with a golden luster, and her fringed sash was dusted with a zillion stars. A gold medallion belt accentuated her wide hips and an antique chain swag tinkled softly as she walked with an elegant poise to center stage. Her bra was encrusted with amethyst violet gems, and a single beaded tassel hung down across her midriff. She turned her back to the audience and reached her arms up into the spotlight. Her dark treacle hair was piled into a beautiful butterfly clasp, with one long plait reaching down to her waist. Her elbows levitated from her ribcage, and her wrists rotated creating the illusion of a serpent. As the Zurna trilled, her hips wound around the a-rhythmic drone noise. The drums picked up and in response her hips became earthy and dynamic. The music paused in between phrases, and she spun around to face the audience, taking a dramatic pose. Her head was crowned with a sensation of flowers, drawing attention towards her rosebud lips.

Esko was not sure what had come over him, he was enthralled by the presence of the dancer and intoxicated by the rhythm of the music. The dancer’s face was so familiar to him, yet from where he could not say. He traced his female fingers along his collar bone and neck, reaching the hair line, idly playing with couple of loose strands that had teased their way out of a loose bun. Then yielding to a wild urge, he unleashed his locks in one quick movement. He felt them softly cascade across his shoulders and tickle the edges of his shoulder blades. He used his fingers to select a strand of hair and seeing that his hair was ruby red, he couldn’t help being reminded of the curvaceous character Jessica Rabbit. Although Esko could admit that being transformed into a woman without warning was a very obscure experience, he felt that his body was literally oozing with sexual energy and it felt so good.

The music was climbing in momentum to a rapturous climax, and the audience was captivated by the dancer’s sinuous flow, contrasted with a sharp precision. The audience had morphed into a sea of snakes, and Esko scanned the floor to see naked bodies writhing in a trance and swaying loosely to the music. At the peak of the performance, the crowd howled and hooted in one unified tribal sounding. Then unexpectedly, the dancer stepped out into the audience, stalking forwards carried by the hypnotic spell of the Zurna. Esko’s body began to shake as the dancer prowled across floor in his direction, hunting him by his scent. As she advanced through the smoky air, the dancer’s features became more visible to him and his heart thudded in his chest. The glowing complexion, the dark brown eyes, the sugar plum lips….

“Yuki….” He allowed her name to tumble from his mouth.

She stood before him; a shimmering rose. The entire room was now focused in Esko’s direction. The drum signaled the finale point, and Yuki gazed fiercely into Esko’s eyes. She extended one long leg from under the ruffle of her gypsy skirt, and balanced her foot on the edge of the bed. Esko felt as if his nipples were exposed to the whole room, even though he was still fully clothed. His heart pulsated to the rhythm of the drums and his breasts expanded with each breath. Assertively, Yuki took the cocktail glass from Esko’s hand, then closing her eyes she threw her head back and tipped the liquid over her cleavage. As she looked back at Esko, there was laughter in her eyes, and dipping her finger between her succulent breasts, she tasted the drink with her eyes closed in a heavenly stupor. Esko felt an irresistible urge to use his tongue to savor the wet sticky droplets on Yuki’s breasts. Cradling her diamante adorned bust with feminine hands, he tenderly brushed his lips across her dazzling chest. His tongue rescued a dribble of dark liquid running down into the valley between her breasts. The audience, understanding that the ending crescendo had been reached, whooped themselves into an uproar of appreciation. Yuki flung her arm into the air, ruffling her skirt in climatic glory. As the crowd finally resumed their general hubbub, a Jazz piano track began to play, and Esko found himself alone in a bubble with Yuki.

The two women smiled at each other for a moment, then clasping each other’s hands they began to laugh deep belly laughs. Esko’s head fell over the edge of the bed and his flaming locks gushed in a ruby red waterfall over his vampish lipstick lips. Giggling hysterically, Yuki rolled onto the bed beside Esko and they both landed on their backs, looking up to see their own reflection in a giant mirror. They breathed in sync for a few breaths, taking in the image of two divinely beautiful women staring back at them from a secret ceiling mirror set into the four-poster that they were lying on. There they were… Yuki, the floral gypsy, next to Esko, a starry red head.

“Is this a dream?” Esko spoke in his husky feminine voice.

“I think this is a place where our wildest dreams become possible, like lucid dreaming” Yuki replied, a dreamy look in her eye.

“Ah, sort of a special space where we can create using our imagination… So what have you been dreaming of then?” A playful expression curled the edges of Esko’s raspberry red lips.

Yuki was quiet for some time, then she leaned on one elbow to look at the woman in the silver dress. “I want to surrender to the ocean of time, to be one with all life. Just that.”

Yuki watched Esko’s eyelashes flutter and the pistachio green of her eyes brighten with intrigue.

“Can you call me Eskie for now?” Esko asked, and Yuki nodded before kissing Eskie’s berry lips, then biting the lower lip with a gentle tug.

Eskie pushed Yuki off and then knelt over her, pulling her dress straps down to reveal her breasts. Eskie let her bare chest massage the front of Yuki’s body, kissing her pale luminescent skin. They explored each other’s feminine curves using their bodies, clamping thighs and twisting limbs until they were interwoven like snakes, their tongues flickering and entwined. Eskie felt her female body revving on all cylinders, firing thunderbolts of passion that surged through her in mini convulsions. Yuki emitted a long serpentine hiss as she writhed over Eskie. Eskie’s view of Yuki’s lower back in the mirror revealed the tattoo of a rose, shapeshifting as the skin contorted and stretched over the sacral chakra. Eskie grazed her red polished nails over Yuki’s rose tattoo, scratching lightly up the sides of Yuki’s spine. Yuki arched her back, electric current surging through her in pulses. Eskie let her fingernails travel under the lacy bohemian layers of the gypsy skirt and trace the intricate crevasses of Yuki’s inner thighs meeting the bone structure of the pelvic bowl. Yuki mewed and purred as Eskie’s fingers unearthed the coarse tuft of hair crowning the delicate outer petals of her flower.

From that point on, it was as if they were unveiling the petals of an infinitely blooming flower, layer after layer. One would rise up from between the other’s legs, lips glistening with moisture before sinking back down to be enveloped in the embrace of the other’s arms. They glided over each other, carried by the waves of the red downy quilts that slithered beneath them. Eskie discovered that her breasts and nipples were capable of great pleasure. She closed her eyes and envisioned Yuki was a great Octopus with multiple tentacles suckering and squeezing her nipples in intricate ways. Her nerve endings lit up with sensation, as if her internal Christmas lights had been turned on. Imagining an enormous Octopus sucker teasing the entrance to her Yoni, she lazily opened her eyes to see that Yuki was sliding her moist nipple over the entrance gates to Eskie’s temple, then beneath the priestess hood of her clitoris. They crashed against each other, rocking their pelvises in a frenzy of passion. Eskie was riding on top and as she approached climax, she looked up at the mirrored ceiling and saw a spiraling vortex of energy dancing between them, then between their hearts a single red rose floated, rotating on an invisible axis. She gasped and saw Yuki naked and gasping below her, a vision of heavenliness. As they came in one tremendous shivering mass, Yuki moaned and circled her hips up against Eskie’s pelvis. As they dropped into the ocean of bliss, it seemed as if the room around them had become quiet and dark. Ever so slowly, rose petals began to fall down upon them like snowflakes kissing their naked bodies. They breathed as one organism for some time.

As they opened their eyes, they recognized Esko’s cabin and Esko felt a sense of familiarity in his body, a male body. They were lying on his single bed, entwined together peacefully. As Yuki sat up, she felt something delicate on her hand. Looking down at the bed, she saw in wonder that they were lying on a carpet of rose petals. Smiling, she let her body float back into the garden of flowers, embraced in Esko’s arms.

Shilly Nakedmoon is the author of the Erotic Vampire Romance Novel Agent OWL: Meeting the Shadow an urban fantasy & paranormal romance set in Japan, featuring dark fantasy illustrations by the author. 100% profits for first 100 copies sold go to UK Eating Disorder Beat! Buy your copy on amazon now!


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